Scientific Advisory Board

Pr André JEAN, MD, PhD




Pr. André Jean is a Doctor of Medicine and obtained his PhD at the University Paul Cézanne (Marseilles, FRANCE), where he has provided fundamental understanding and concepts of the nature and operation of the brainstem central pattern generator that controls swallowing. He is currently Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience at the University Paul Cézanne, Director of the Laboratory of "Physiologie Neurovégétative" (CNRS, INRA), and Head of the Department of Biology. Pr. Jean's main research interests are in the area of autonomic neurosciences, neural control of the digestive tract and of ingestive and food intake behaviors, neurobiology of brainstem autonomic centres (dorsal vagal complex), network and neuronal properties of central pattern generation, and neuronal plasticity (structural re-organization, synaptic plasticity, neurogenesis). Author and co-author of numerous publications and book chapters, invited for several lectures and plenary lectures, Pr. Jean has been active in the national and international scientific community. In 2002, he received a Janssen Matser Award in Gastroenterology, in the section Basic Research in Digestive Science, and was recently appointed as the Chair of the 4th Congress of the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience, held in Marseille in 2005. Pr. Jean has authored more than 70 publications in international journals.

Pr Jean-Denis TROADEC, PhD


Pr. TROADEC received his PhD degree in Pharmacology, Cellular and Molecular Biology in 1998 from Nice-Sophia Antipolis University and appointed Professor from University of Marseille Paul Cezanne in 2009. His early work on the stimulus-secretion coupling within the neurohypophysis was awarded by the French Neuroendocrine Society in 1999 for his contribution to the discovery of the extracellular purines action on the secretion of oxytocin. He then joined Hopitâl de la Salpetrière (INSERM U488, Paris) where he could participate to the characterization of molecular mechanisms leading to neuronal apoptosis during Parkinson disease and demonstrated, in collaboration with Pierre Fabre Laboratory (Castres), the neuroprotective action of low doses of noradrenaline.

Pr. TROADEC is currently a Research Scientist at the Centre en Neurobiologie et Neurophysiologie de Marseille (CRN2M UMR CNRS-USC INRA), where he has focused since 2005 on the physiological bases of inflammatory anorexia, cachexia and the role of the prostaglandins in these pathologies. His group has demonstrated the key role of the central microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 (mPGES-1) during acute and chronic inflammation-induced anorexia. Pr. Troadec is an internationally renowned specialist on this field. Recently, he also led a research program focused on the impact of a mycotoxin, a food-contaminant, on nutritional behavior, an increasing major public health issue. Since 1997, Pr. Troadec has authored more than 30 publications in international journals.


Dr. Bouvier is a Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) since 1980. Since 2008, Dr. Bouvier lead a team on neurogastroenterology at a CNRS unit affiliated to the University Paul Cézanne (Marseilles, FRANCE). He has provided fundamental understanding and concepts of the impact of emblematic hormones such as leptin and cholecystokinin (CCK) on intestinal motility and vagal mechanoreceptors. He has also spent the past 15 years actively engaged in applied research focusing on intestinal transit, and he has notably evaluated the impact of Bifidobacterium animalis for Danone and mineral waters for Vittel-Perrier at preclinical and clinical stage. Dr. Bouvier has authored more than 40 publications in international journals.



Dr. Michel Dallaporta obtained his Ph.D. in Neurosciences at the University Paul Cézanne (Marseilles, FRANCE). After a post-doctoral position at the Pharmacology and Toxicology Institute of the University of Lausanne, he is now an Assistant Professor in Neurophysiology at the Department of Biology of the University Paul Cézanne. The aim of his research is based on the physiological and neurobiological characteristics of the dorsal vagal complex within the brainstem, and on its involvement in glucodetection during feeding behavior.




Dr. Lebrun is a Research Scientist at the Centre en Neurobiologie et Neurophysiologie de Marseille (CRN2M), where he has focused since 2003 on the involvement of neurotrophins in the satiety control. Dr. Lebrun is an internationally renowned specialist on BDNF/TrkB signaling. Since 2010, he also led a research program focused on the involvement of BDNF/TrkB signaling on anorexia nervosa, an increasing public health issue. Dr. Lebrun has authored more than 15 publications in international journals and is co-author of two patents concerning pharmacological agents.

Anne ABYSIQUE, phd


Scientific consultant in Gastroenterology

Dr. Abysique obtained a PhD in Nutrition in 1992 at the University Paul Cézanne (Marseilles, FRANCE) and was awarded for a grant in “Digestive motricity” from the Jouveinal laboratories for her work concerning the motor control of the external anal sphincter. Member of the French Physiology Society and of the Digestive motricity French club, Dr. Abysique has a strong 20 years experience in the gastroenterology/neurogastroenterology fields. Since 2002, she investigates the integrative properties of intestinal vagal afferent fibers and their involvement in the regulation of food intake. Dr Abysique has authored more than 12 publications in international journals.

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