NB-02 - Meal pattern


Performed on our METABOrack™, meal pattern analysis is the gold standard method for determining drug/nutraceutical effects on food intake. Food intake consists of meal size multiplied by meal number which constitutes a meal pattern. It is based on a continuous and automated monitoring and recording of feeding in rodents along the day/night cycle.



• Cumulative food and water intake during the considered period.

• Meal Size

• Meal Frequency

• Inter-meal interval

• Meal duration

• Satiety ratio



• High added-value data concerning acute or chronic compounds effects on feeding in rodents

• Allow the determination of meal size, meal frequency, meal intervals and satiety ratio

• Translational study providing data equivalent to those evaluated at the clinical stage

• Detect specific versus aversive effects on food intake

• Give strong results concerning the mode of action of your compound

• High-throughput study for large scale screening in efficacy or early safety studies


> RELATED human disease

• Obesity & Overweight
• Bulimia
• Anorexia / cachexia
• Diabetes



• Can be performed simultaneously with energy expenditure (EE-01) and locomotor activity (EE-06) monitoring in the same animals (see METABOpack™)
• Pica behavior (NB-08) or Conditioned taste aversion (NB-09) tests allows to further explore the potential aversive effect of a compound affecting food intake
• Body weight and body composition (EE-05) analysis
• Blood sample and biochemical dosages (for PK studies or plasmatic/ biomarkers dosages)
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