Research Plateform


iStock_000012315864XSmallBIOMEOSTASIS possesses its own laboratories, animal housing capacities and equipments, optimized for large scale pharmacological studies.















Private 100 m2 with controlled access, strictly reserved for Biomeostasis approved staff


• 1 Pre-operative room dedicated to the preoperative care

• 1 Chirurgical room with confined postoperative spaces

• 2 Experimentation rooms




200 m2 facility with light cycle, humidity and temperature controlled

• 1000 mice/ 400 rats capacity

• Ventilated cabinets





• RFID identifying system

• 2 anesthetic devices (both for isofluran and sevofluran)

• 3 multi-parameter monitors for surgery procedures

• 1 analyzer for in vitro diagnostic of lipid profile, glucose, ALT, AST and hs-CRP

• 12 high-sensitivity animal scales (0,01 g precision)

• 2 High-precision scales

• 20 units for automatized recording of food intake (0,01 g precision)

•12 units for automatized recording of voluntary exercise (running wheel)

• 8 units for activity (XY) and rearing (Z) monitoring systems

• 8 units for Indirect calorimetry

• Bioimpedance spectroscopy device for small animals

• Telemetry equipment

• Microscopes: 1 stereo-zoom, 3 dissecting, 1 fluorescent and 1 confocal

• 1 stereotaxic apparatus

• 1 automatized and digital stereotaxic apparatus

• 1 cryostat, 1 vibratome, 1 tissue chopper

• 3 automatic infusers, 1 nano-injector

• 1 refrigerated and standard ultracentrifuges

• 1 microplate spectrophotometer

• +4°C fridges, -20°C and -86°C freezers

• 2 distillated or osmotic water production systems

• Proprietary software for meal pattern analysis

• Proprietary software for voluntary exercise analysis

• Softwares for mulitparametric analysis (BIOMOUSE, BIOMEAL, BIOACT)

• Softwares for telemetry analysis

• Software for management/analysis of raw data (Excel, Statview)

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