Sophie Bozec, Ph.D
Research Director

« A dynamic and very professional Team.
The automated recording platform of BIOMEOSTASIS allows it to obtain accurate profiles of...



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BIOMEOSTASIS founders have been awarded by the French foun...






Biomeostasis is a specialist contract research organization that offers tailor-made in vivo primary and secondary pharmacodynamic studies on relevant healthy and pathophysiological rodent models to evaluate and to anticipate the efficacy, safety and mode of action for novels drugs and nutraceuticals targeting nutritional behavior and related metabolic disorders (obesity, anorexia, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders…).

Biomeostasis also conducts its own R&D programs with partners in order to continuously feed its services pipeline in the field of nutritional behavior and related metabolic disorders.

Biomeostasis mission is to provide innovative solutions in order to reduce the time to market and to optimize the budget for new treatments targeting food intake related disorders and metabolic diseases in human.






The METABOpack™ is a unique and comprehensive in vivo multiparametric test to assess your compound’s effect on most of the aspects of energy homeostasis in rodent.






Biomeostasis studies are conducted on the METABOrack™, a state-of-the-art proprietary platform allowing to conduct fully automated in vivo multiparametric studies based on minimally-invasive methods providing high added-value and high resolution data.


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